Who are we?? 

We are a Family of 4, we are Street Artists, we are creators of Pavement Assault Courses and we are Graffiti wannabes using chalk instead of spray paint (chalk isn't permanent and is easily removed with a bit of water or a good downfall of rain). We're based in South Norfolk but you might find our work appear in other areas of the country from time to time.

So what?

Well, here's the trick.... we use chalk to raise a smile, add a bit of colour to streets and towns, and create interactive games with the main aim of raising funds for important causes. Our current cause is supporting MIND for better mental health.


During the lockdown we raised much needed funds to support several of the UK Zoos struggling to make ends meet using chalk on pavements to create animal exercise challenges (think Pounce like a Lion or Charge like a Rhino). We also created a free, fun and safe space for families to visit during their daily exercise allowance, giving parents and children a break from entertaining each other during the strictest phase of lockdown.






































Over the years, UK Government cuts on public mental health services has put more and more pressure on charities to fill the ever widening gap. Coupled with the increase in mental health and well-being concerns within the UK population which have been amplified by the COVID-19 lock down restrictions and, as a nation, we are heading into another pandemic; an incoming mental health pandemic. And we're not geared up for it.

Those who already suffered with mental health struggled greatly and continue to struggle throughout this situation. However, there's a growing increase in cases where individuals have encountered mental health issues for the very first time which can be extremely confusing and troubling.

So.... we're taking action and we're supporting MIND for better mental health. Help us to help MIND.

Together, we can make a difference.




If you like what we do, support our chosen charity, have enjoyed any of our work or got involved with the interactive chalk games and assault courses then please consider donating and making a difference using the following link:


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Thank you so much. We appreciate your support and interest.